Monday, August 25, 2008

What now?

I actually shed a tear last night when the US Men's Volleyball Team cruised to a gold medal victory at the Beijing Olympics. Was it in response to the tragedy to triumph story? Perhaps a little. But more than that, my tears fell because it was the final event I watched in the 2008 Summer Olympic games. I have spent the last 2.5 weeks glued to NBC watching countless hours of competition. From swimming and divings to double skulls and rowing, my dedication to cheering on Team USA from my couch never wavered. I was up until 12:45am watching Nastia Lukin win the Women's Gymnastics All-Around and cursing the terrible over-judging of the Chinese gymnasts. Empathizing with Shawn Johnson's parents after she won the Gold on Beam. I felt like I was actually IN the water cube for every single race that Michael Phelps swam in - cheering and jumping up and down in my living room or local bar - getting teary-eyed when I watched his Mom fall into her seat after his amazing finish in the 100m Fly. Rocking back adn forth like I was rowing to gold with the US 8 Women Team. I never went to bed before the sign off of my beloved Bob Costas. Now, what am I to do with my time? Probably get more sleep and accomplish more around the house. Post-Olympic life will be boring I'm sure. Here's to London 2012.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I figured it was about time I wrote about something useful, but I am not feeling that deep this evening. I'm watching the news and listening to them babble on about the bad storms we had last night. And guess what everyone???!! You can go to and BLOG about it! WOW! Are you kidding me? I have to say, that while I have a blog of my own, I'm not taking up someone else's space. It kills me all of these people who post comments on news stories, sports stories, the latest tragedies of our beloved Hollywood starlets. I'm not sure about you, but I work. While I take the normal liberties of checking email, IM'ing friends, checking in on Facebook and reading random newsstories throughout the day - it does not consume my day. Well, it doesn't consume most days. How on Earth do these people find the time to post messages on every single freaking story. Better than that - they have actual conversations and arguments with one another. Most people posting comments are stupid. Not joking - read the comments some time. There is usually one or two normal people in there, but the rest resort to using improper grammar, poor spelling and writing cuss words to effectively get across their point in the written word. You stay classy message board posters. You stay classy.

OMG....if I have to watch one more stupid Luna carpet commercial, I think I'm going to chuck my remote at the 50"er 15 feet in front of me. This last commerical makes me wish the advertising team would be re-evaluated. It also makes me wish we would have gone with Empire. But that FREE ROOM is just unbeatable!

Anywho, like I said. Nothing really to blog about that is of any importance whatsoever. So, I will finish with a wedding well with for my friend Stephanie who is getting married on Saturday. Love you much and thank you for honoring our nearly 20 year friendship by allowing me to hold a special position in your wedding. I can't wait for the beautiful day!